Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sell those unwanted games

Like a lot of folks, we have some Wii games that don't get played as much as they used to. So I decided to see where I could sell some games and come out the furthest ahead. All of the 3 major sites for selling your stuff have different fees. So I decided to calculate the amount I would pocket if I sold a game for $25+$4 shipping on eBay, (also owned by ebay), and Amazon Marketplace.

How much would you get to sell at $25 item with $4 shipping? This of course assumes that each of these would find buyers willing to pay the same price. Surprisingly, I found that Amazon was the most expensive and Ebay was the cheapest!

Amazon Fees

Sale price of the item $25
Shipping credit $4
- Referral Fee of 6-25% of the sale price -15% for video games
- Variable Closing Fee
- $0.99 Fixed Closing Fee (waived for Pro Merchant Subscribers)
Total deposited to seller's account = $22.91

Ebay fees:
$25 + $4
No insertion on
-9% of sales price
-2.9% + .30 paypal fee
= Total deposited to seller's account = $25.73 fees
15% commission
+.60 shipping commission
= Total deposited to seller's account = $24.05